bane-rs-logoBane Sekulikj Factory was founded back in 1947 in Sombor, northwest Serbia. They have started producing fittings with only 50 employees. Today, Bane Sombor is acknowledged as the oldest and the most popular manufacturer of construction fittings  for buildings and construction in the region of Former Yugoslavia.  The unique blend of quality and continuity throughout these seventy years is what has made this name and trademark a synonym of reliability. The aforesaid has been confirmed by the numerous acknowledgements, fair participations and millions of sold products in Serbia, Former Yugoslav Republics, as well as Russia, Poland, France, Germany, etc.

Web site: www.bane.rs
Certificates: www.bane.rs/en/quality

Dabel-logo“Dabel” company was established in 1993, in the area of Belgrade, focusing its core business onto production, trade and distribution of fittings for construction carpentry and furniture. Тheir responsible work and steady progress in terms of improving product quality and maintaining stable business relationship with approximately 3000 domestic and 50 foreign partners has resulted in millions of satisfied consumers. Nowadays, with more than 50 employees, and a business facility covering an area of 5000 m2, Dabel is at the very top of the Serbian market in trade and production of construction fittings/ hardware, furniture fittings and universal fittings. They are particularly interesting to us because most of their products have vacuum packaging, which is quite convenient especially when they are displayed on the shelves in supermarkets, ironmongeries, and etc.

logo-ibfmAn Italian company specializing in production of swinging door hinges, or the so-called saloon door hinges.

meroni-logoMeroni is a company founded in 1945 by Giulio Andrea Meroni, in Pisone, north Italy. Nowadays, it is one of the leading companies on the Italian and international market, whose main activity is production of closing/locking systems, both mechanical and electrical, used in various sectors, i.e. not only intended for wooden doors and furniture, but also for other specific customers’ demands (vending machines, transportation vehicles, etc.). Meroni’s products are distinct from others because they represent a blend of excellent design solutions which meet high technical requirements and standards. What serves as proof is the long list of famous brands and facilities worldwide with which Meroni cooperates: DHL, British Imperial Tobacco, Sky Tower in Vietnam, Airports in Madrid, Thessaloniki, Lisbon, the Olympic Village in Turin, New Trade Fair in Milan, and etc. The fact that even after 70 years of existence the company is still run by the third generation of the family Meroni, inspires reliability and stability of having Meroni as a partner.

domatic-logoAn Italian company which manufactures door seal brushes/ brush strip seals and rubber door seals (upgrade and built-in) intended for all sorts of interior and exterior doors. In 1998 it became part of the “Fapim” Group.

Web site: www.domatic.it

pettiti-logoAn Italian factory specializing in ferrous metallurgy products and fittings/hardware for sliding doors.

logo_icsaAn Italian factory set up in 1978 whose most popular product is electromagnetic lock (electric strike and magnetic lock) for wooden, metal, PVC and aluminum doors.

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