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bane-rs-logoBane Sekulikj Factory was founded back in 1947 in Sombor, northwest Serbia. They have started producing fittings with only 50 employees. Today, Bane Sombor is acknowledged as the oldest and the most popular manufacturer of construction fittings  for buildings and construction in the region of Former Yugoslavia.  The unique blend of quality and continuity throughout these seventy years is what has made this name and trademark a synonym of reliability. The aforesaid has been confirmed by the numerous acknowledgements, fair participations and millions of sold products in Serbia, Former Yugoslav Republics, as well as Russia, Poland, France, Germany, etc.

Web site: www.bane.rs
Certificates: www.bane.rs/en/quality

fimet-logoA family business set up in 1986 by Vittore Bianchi, which deals with production of wooden door and window handles, is located in a small place called Vestone, in the province of Brescia, Italy. Originally, the company designed and manufactured handles exclusively for the German market, but nowadays, it distributes its products successfully not only on the domestic market but also on the markets in over 20 countries across Europe. The professional approach and flexibility are two key phrases that best describe Fimet as a partner with whom we have been building a prosperous cooperation for about ten years. The fact that it is a family business, it provides strength and opportunity to involve even more in the entire process of creation/ production of handles, starting from research, design, technical adjustment , production, distribution to traceability of its products. What serves as proof of Fimet’s quality is the Quality Certification issued by one of the most renowned accredited institutions “ITF Rosenheim” – Germany. The ones who are responsible for the design of Fimet’s products are the owner Vittore Bianchi and the famous artist, designer and sculptor Fabrizio Gandi.

otlav-logoOTLAV Company was founded in 1956 in Treviso, Venice, by the mechanical engineer Angelo Padovan. Its main activity is production and sales of hinges for all types of doors and windows. It is characterized by a high level of quality, a broad product portfolio (it offers over 100 types of hinges), distribution of its products in 69 countries worldwide and Quality Certification from the most renowned world institutions. What proves that this company is a leader on a global scale in manufacturing and sales of this type of fittings is the data which confirms a 1.6 billion sold pieces of hinges in the period from 1960 up to now. Their intention of constant technical perfection and innovation to satisfy the specific market needs has led into the design and production of the “concealed hinges” for wooden doors so called INVISACTA.

Web site: www.otlav.it

bonaiti-logoThe beginnings of this Italian company date back as early as 1830 as one of the pioneers in the production of fittings/locks fitted in wooden doors. The first lock as the ones we know today was produced in 1936. What makes Bonaiti different than others is that the entire production process of each and every type of lock is completely effectuated within the company premises, i.e. from the product design to its production and distribution. Bonaiti proves and confirms the quality of its products by performing a simulation, as a condition for each type of lock before it is mass produced, which involves a completion of 100.000 successful openings and closings of a lock. The quality standards, production innovations and experience throughout the years have led to what Bonaiti is today, a company which covers an area of 17.000 m2, with 500 employees, a capacity of 15.000 locks per day and over 1.500 customers in Italy and around the world. Bonaiti’s ambition for technical improvement and extensive research has resulted in the production and patenting of the first magnetic lock for wooden doors, which meets even the most demanding requirements and needs of end users regarding product design, durability of products and technical specifications.

brialma-logo-133An Italian company established in 1972, whose primary activity is production and sale of anodized aluminum handles intended for wooden and metal doors and windows.

A company founded in 1973 by the mechanical engineer Bepi Anselmi in Treviso, Italy. Company’s main line of business is production of the so-called concealed or built-in hinges for wooden doors. What makes it different than others is that within its company premises is conducted the entire process of product manufacturing, including research, design, production, quality assurance and product distribution. They are particularly proud of their laboratory located within the company premises, where they perform all the chemical and mechanical tests on products, consequently serving as a guarantee of product reliability and quality. Owing to the quality which has been recognized by the largest manufacturers of wooden doors in Italy, Anselme’s products constitute 70% of the total consumption of concealed hinges for wooden doors.

An Italian company set up in 1950, in Monza, near Milan. Their core business is focused on the sliding systems for wooden doors, glass doors and furniture with a single purpose and philosophy to successfully blend technology and the popular Italian design. The successfulness of this family company is also confirmed with the fact that it is run by the third generation of the Terno family. All the manufactured systems are patented, which proves their innovativeness, uniqueness and tendency towards continuous technical advancement and perfection. Currently, apart from being present on the Italian market, they are distributing in more than 50 countries in 5 continents. “This perfect sliding system is invisible, silent and self-maintaining. In our company it works as simple as that.” – Giovanni Terno (the founder)

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