The company Bane Sombor Skopje was established back in 1992. Our main focus is on trade in wooden door and window fittings, fittings for metal doors and windows, fittings for aluminum carpentry, fittings for PVC carpentry, glass door and window fittings, furniture fittings and universal fittings.

Since its establishment and up to the present time, owing to the vision, persistence and consistency of the managerial team, our company has developed from a general representative for Bane Sekulikj from Sombor, a metal processing industry, to a renowned brand and a market leader in Macedonia in the category of fittings sales from different world manufacturers.

Both, the impeccable service and the high quality products we offer, contribute to our constant growth and continuously growing number of satisfied clients. Consequently, our products have been employed in the construction of many facilities across Macedonia, since our built-in fittings meet our clients’ needs for top quality, warranty, certificates, etc. To name but a few: Filip Vtori Hospital, Skopje Marriott Hotel, Macedonian National Theatre, City Parking Garage, Sistina Clinical Center, Alexander the Great Airport, Golden Art’s residential buildings, etc.

Bearing in mind that our main priority is wholesale trade, our products are available in our showroom and in the retail network of many ironmongeries, carpentries and larger shops in Skopje and Macedonia, such as Merkur, Mr. Bricolage, Elektroelement, Replek Market Hubo in Skopje, Pododekor Veles, Interkomerc Gevgelija, Turist Inzhinering Ohrid and so forth…



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