Fittings for metal doors and windowsБрендови кои ги застапуваме

bane-rs-logoBane Sekulikj Factory was founded back in 1947 in Sombor, northwest Serbia. They have started producing fittings with only 50 employees. Today, Bane Sombor is acknowledged as the oldest and the most popular manufacturer of construction fittings  for buildings and construction in the region of Former Yugoslavia.  The unique blend of quality and continuity throughout these seventy years is what has made this name and trademark a synonym of reliability. The aforesaid has been confirmed by the numerous acknowledgements, fair participations and millions of sold products in Serbia, Former Yugoslav Republics, as well as Russia, Poland, France, Germany, etc.

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stublinaThe private company Stublina DOO (Stublina LLC – Limited Liability Company) was founded in 1993. Its production plants are located in Mladenovac, Serbia. Having so many years of experience in production, genuine technical solutions, modern design and the application of the latest production methods generated by its own human and material resources, provides a manufacturing based quality for wide product range of fittings for aluminum carpentry. Designing and manufacturing by following the determined technical specifications has enabled them to improve quality to a level which meets the highest international standards, thus obtaining verified certification issued by relevant accredited institutions. The fact that about 70% of this factory’s export is intended for the largest consumer markets such as Former Yugoslav Republics, Russia, Ukraine, France, Spain, Italy, and etc., indicates how highly esteemed is this factory.

mesan-logoThe company manufacturing fittings for sheet metal and metal locksmithing, is a Turkish brand which has become part of the English giant “Essentra” since 2014.

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